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Help advance the Gospel in New England
Be part of a team focused on equipping pastors and developing churches
Thriving pastors and thriving churches are critical for reaching communities for Christ

Supporting Pastors and Churches makes a big difference

Overseed’s passion and expertise are helping New England churches thrive and reach their communities for Christ.  Join us in this kingdom centric endeavor.

Overseed has a proven structure that allows you to contribute quickly.
There are a number of opportunities where you can volunteer. Choose from
  • Communications
  • Demographic research using one of our tools
  • Social media and content production
  • Technology: Database, web design and web scraping
  • Research: Churches, Theology, Mission Praxis and New England

Overseed would be honored to have you as part of our ministry team.

Make a Difference for Pastors and Churches

Most historic New England churches are stuck in the past
Overtime, theological shift and missional drift are experienced by most churches
It is not OK for Christ’s churches to be in decline
The way forward is leadership intentionality and gospel ministry saturation

Be a Contributor

Receive “on the job” training
Work from home
Flexible hours to fit your schedule
Build relationships with others on the team

Becoming a Volunteer

Step 1 – Click the “Become a Volunteer” button and give us your contact info

Step 2 – We will call you for an interview to discuss volunteer options

Step 3 – Start contributing to helping NE pastors and churches thrive

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