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Overseed partners with Natural Church Development (NCD) to provide a church assessment tool.

Once you purchase the NCD license, Overseed will contact you to go over the next steps in the NCD assessment process,

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Why a Church Assessment Tool?

Accurately assessing congregational health is a key difficulty facing a revitalization pastor. This is especially true in the early years of a pastorate. A new pastor has some insight because they are new to the church but are blind to other things because he/she does not have a long history with the church. Personal observation does not give a pastor enough data points to make an accurate assessment.

The perceived credibility of the assessment is the second difficulty facing the pastor. It is very typical for congregants to reject the negative aspects of an assessment as being inaccurate or unfounded. This makes using an internal tool problematic.

Getting the right data and having the results trusted are the two big hurdles of an assessment.

Why the NCD Assessment Tool?

The NCD assessment overcomes these two problems with their assessment tool and process.

First, the assessment questionnaire is based on extensive research across thousands of churches and multiple countries. The questionnaire is taken by folks in the congregation who are engaged in the church. Thus, the results are not the pastor’s opinion.

Second, the trustworthiness of the test is more intrinsic because it is what the congregants are saying about the church. Also, NCD’s research has proven that their assessment model works regardless of denomination, theology, country, culture, leadership style, size, or ministry model. Over 90,000 completed surveys have confirmed the reliability and accuracy of their approach.

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