Become a Prayer Partner

Be a part of helping New England churches thrive and reach their communities for Christ.

Prayer is critical to the ongoing work of God in New England

Ministry is hard, especially in New England

Most historic NE churches are stuck in the past
Overtime, theological shift and missional drift are experienced by most churches
It is not OK for Christ’s churches to be in decline, but it requires God’s power to change

Prayer Changes Things!

Be a part of changing the religious landscape of NE
Be engaged in praying for all six states in NE
Experience the joy of seeing God work

Overseed Values Prayer Partners

Overseed’s passion is to see NE church thrive and reach their communities for Christ. We know God desires this endeavor to be undergirded with prayer.

Overseed understand pastoring in NE so we can guide you with specific prayer requests.
There are currently 18 pastor cohorts with more coming in the fall that all need prayer.
There are currently over 100 pastors attending these cohorts which represent one hundred churches that need prayer.
Overseed would be honored to have you praying for churches in NE and this ministry.

Being Part of the Team Means

Receiving regular prayer needs
Receiving regular prayer needs
Praying with Overseed team quarterly via Zoom

Joining the Team

Step 1 – Click the “Become a Prayer Partner” button and give us your contact info

Step 2 – We will call you with further information

Step 3 – Begin receiving specific Overseed prayer requests and guides

What Do You Expect

How often do you expect me to pray?

We have partners who pray daily and who pray weekly

How often will I receive prayer request updates?

Overseed will send you weekly updates, plus other occasional updates as needed

Can you help me learn how to pray for New England Churches?

Yes, we have a downloadable PDF on praying for churches below. Also, our President Jim Harrell, is about to release a book on Praying for Church Revitalization, which can be purchased through Amazon.

Download “Overseed Revitalization Prayer Guide”

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