Overseed & CRN Merger

We are excited to announce the merger of the Church Revitalization Network of New England (CRN) with Overseed. This merger provides a more complete solution to helping revitalize historic New England churches. Overseed has been focused on recruiting, equipping and supporting pastors, who are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, to serve in historic NE churches. CRN’s focus was on recruiting and coaching individual New England historic churches in intentional renewal strategies.

As a result of the merger, both of these strategies will now be combined into Overseed. Some members of the CRN Board, which is comprised of experienced regional church leaders, have joined the Overseed Board of Directors and some have joined the Board of Advisors. As a combined organization, Overseed will continue to develop replant/revitalization strategies for New England along with providing experienced church leaders to help coach historic New England churches and their pastors.

The resulting Overseed network includes:

  • Seasoned pastoral coaches to work with pastors serving in the unique environment of a renewal church setting.
  • Experienced church coaches who can advise local church leaders in how to guide renewal efforts based on the gospel of Jesus Christ within the context of their church’s history and current situation.
  • Larger regional churches who are committed to helping smaller local churches in the surrounding communities with pulpit supply, coaching and other resources.



The Author

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Jim Harrell is president and co-founder of Overseed. Jim has his Doctor of Ministry in renewal ministries and Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Jim's background is in discipleship, mentoring and church planting.

Jim is also the Vice President of Systems Engineering for Winslow Technology Group, LLC.