Join a Pastor Cohort focused on both thriving pastors and thriving churches

Led by a local seasoned pastor who will coach you in leading your church forward

Do you lay awake at night worried that your congregation isn’t growing spiritually or living missionally? Is Sunday morning not what it could be?

Across New England, Overseed coaches pastors in local learning cohorts that are focused on growing the pastor’s ability to develop disciples and healthy leaders, resulting in churches who love God, each other and make disciples.

Enhance your core pastoral skills via an Overseed Pastor Cohort

Focused on deepening your ability to lead, make disciples, develop leaders, shepherd people and preach
Led by a local seasoned pastor who will coach you in leading your church forward
Discussion oriented format on the practicals of ministry
Deepen your ability to think about the ministry
Build friendships with other local pastors

Ministry is Hard Enough, Don’t Go It Alone

Feel Isolated?
Struggling with the challenges of the pastorate?
Finding it hard to develop yourself?
Convinced it is not OK for Christ’s church to be in decline?

Lead Confidently with Overseed Coaching

Our coaching is centered around a monthly Overseed Pastor Cohort

Coached by a seasoned church leader
Field tested curriculum designed to equip pastors in core skillsets
Tools for assessing and engaging the content with your church and community
Encouragement and accountability with other pastors

The Monthly Pastor Cohort

Small groups of pastors, allowing everyone to participate
Focuses on 5 core competencies: Leading, Disciplemaking, Shepherding, Developing Leaders, and Preaching
Church assessment tools available
No charge for participation (except for assessment tools)

How to Join a Pastor Cohort

Step 1 – Click the “Request a call with an Overseed Coach about joining a Pastor Cohort” button

Step 2 – An Overseed coach will call you to talk further about the Overseed Pastor Cohorts

Step 3 – Meet with your coach

Step 4 –  Attend a cohort meeting

Thriving in Ministry is Possible

Do you only work with pastors leading churches in revitalization?

We work with any pastor who wants to intentionally move their church forward

How often do the cohorts meet?

The cohorts meet for three hours once a month, typically at the coach’s church location.

What does a typical cohort meeting look like?

1 hour of content around pastoring and moving the church forward
1 hour checking in, being accountable to your priorities and praying for each other
1 hour addressing a core topic

What is the yearly process for moving the church forward?

In the fall the church takes the NCD assessment.
The pastor and leadership team develop and implement a one-year project plan
Monthly each pastor gives an update on the project

Why are Overseed Cohorts Unique?

An interview with Overseed President Jim Harrell.

Forgive the COVID hair 🙂

Pastors receive monthly encouragement, guidance, and accountability
Every other year church assessment
Overseed coaches guide the pastor to lead their church to grow in becoming who God intended them to be, and who their community needs them to be.
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