A Choice

Logan Saunders is not a New Englander by birth. It is a choice. Originally from Virginia, he and his wife Lindsay were curious about serving up north. After graduating from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, they decided to spend a year at NETS (New England Training and Sending Center for Church Planting and Revitalization) in Vermont …

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A Different Outcome

Overseed coaches Mark Warren and Matt Furr are also lead pastors of two New Hampshire churches. Mark noted “Matt and I have been coaching pastors for three years. We are hopeful about impact but are waiting to see what God will do. Revitalization is hard and a long haul.  It can beat-up pastors so much …

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No Room for Church Competition

Matt Thorton – Hub Coach Overseed connects pastors focused on revitalization with seasoned coaches from churches that have collaborative vision for advancing the kingdom of God. Our coaches seek and nurture partnerships across denominational lines. They share resources and learn from one another, firmly believing that the Church is one body with many members. We …

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Churches Coaching Churches

The two churches denominationally belong to Converge. Shortly after Tom first arrived as Pastor at The Chapel, he invited someone from Converge to help the congregation develop a strategic plan to intentionally pursue certain values and healthy behaviors at the church. Eventually, he also asked Converge to help The Chapel launch their downtown church prototype …

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Don McKinnon – Rebuilding Bridges

Pastor Don McKinnon understands that building bridges to the community takes tactical patience. He’s a replanter. A pastor who intentionally replants the seeds of the Gospel in a place where it once flourished. A year and a half ago, Don became the pastor of Legacy Church at First Baptist Church in Sutton, the fourth oldest …

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