Jesus came to serve, have we?

Why are Christians willing to suffer for the sake of others? Why do they choose to sacrifice for those they don’t even know? Why do they take the initiative to risk their lives in order to serve the lowly and marginalized of society? Time and time again, they choose to personally absorb the hurt and …

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It is about the ministry

Bill Clinton made headlines with the phrase “It’s the economy stupid.” He wanted people to realize that there are lots of issues to talk about and lots of ideas to base a presidential strategy on but the key determiner in his mind was the economy. When it comes to deciding on where to minister there …

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Incarnational Ministry

Is our ministry an incarnational ministry? Paul believed that the one doing the ministry is the one who ought to make the needed cultural adaptions out of love for those who don’t know Christ. Paul taught that those he was free from all men, he made himself a slave to all, so that he may …

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Mentor or coach or ?

So does a young pastor or seminary student need a coach, a mentor or something/someone else? Many technical business books and articles make a distinction between coaching and mentoring. For example, in the book “Coaching & Mentoring” by Harvard Business Essentials(1), we see the following definitions: Coaching is an interactive process through which managers aim …

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