Overseed Vision

Our vision is to see vital, growing churches in every New England town, reaching their communities for Christ. Our focus is on both a healthy pastor and a healthy church. Our mission is to Overseed the gospel in churches so we can Seed the gospel in communities throughout New England.

Hope for the New England Church

Most New England churches, especially historic. have been declining for decades. In many cases, the roots of decline stem back to previous church leadership turning from the historic Gospel message and replacing the outward mission of the church with an inward survival mentality. As a result, these once-thriving churches have dwindling congregations that no longer focus on reaching their communities for Christ.

Overseed believes the positive way forward begins with prayer and continues with an intentional embracing of revitalization strategies that address this theological shift and missional drift. Since its founding in 2008, Overseed has worked with hundreds of pastors serving in revitalization situations and has seen many churches become renewed.

What Overseed Does

Pastoral Network

Overseed provides pastors with ongoing training, mentoring, and assessment tools. The goal is to ensures stable, long-term pastoral leadership that is critical to a genuine renewal. We coach them in the practical dynamics of church ministry in this unique revitalization context.

Coach Network

Overseed partners with larger church pastors to provide renewal coaching and other revitalization resources. The coaches develop a regional networks of churches located in their geographic proximity, serving similar communities and cultures.

Church Network

Given the right opportunity, Overseed will coach church leaders in how to pursue a path of revitalization. If the church is willing, Overseed will also help the congregation connect with a revitalization pastoral candidate committed to the historic Gospel. Overseed will continue to coach the new pastor and church leaders through the process of revitalization .

To go deeper and learn more about Overseed, contact us at info@overseed.org.

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