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3 Pro Tips to Win Big in Canadian Online Casinos 5 Aug 2020, 9:48 am

Canadian Land-Based Casinos are losing the battle when it comes to Gambling in Canada in the post Covid-19 era. Most Casinos have a lot of square footage. Social Distancing ensures that the yields per square meter lag behind. New rules such as cleaning chips and wearing face masks are causing a boom in virtual casinos. Visitors go to old fashioned casinos for entertainment, socializing and new encounters. This makes the ease of playing at home with friends and family a nice alternative compared to the new COVID-19 rules.

Canadian Online Casinos vs. Land-Based

Online casinos are essentially the same as regular land-based casinos. Apart from convenience and unlimited access, online casinos are no different from physical casinos. You can entertain yourself for hours and perhaps provide extra income. Follow our 3 Pro Tips for Canadians to get the most out of your online casino experience.

3 Pro Tips to Win Big in Canadian Online Casinos

1.     Maximise the minimum bets requirements.

Before you start, you need to check the minimum bet. New players have the clear advantage of no-stake or bonus promotions. Read the fine print rules about the validity of bonuses. This way you maximize your profit. Be careful though: some promotions come with terms and conditions. Read it carefully and weigh your options.

2.     Become a Canadian VIP Player.

Most Canadian online casinos offer VIP membership. Different casinos also use different names, such as “loyalty rewards” or “elite programs”, but it all entails the same investment. The profits can be much higher with a VIP membership, if you plan to gamble long term. Some benefits are:

  • Faster Payouts
  • Different Bonusess
  • More Loyalty Rewards
  • Different terms & conditions

There are also some drawbacks with this membership:

  • You must invest more money.
  • Higher amount of bets in comparison to regular players.
  • Tied to a single casino.
  • If you take a break, it may be terminated due to inactivity.

3.     Strategize your winning efforts.

Most opportunities are often there without you realizing it. Going through tips and tricks on the internet can help. Winning trends from a particular game can also work to your advantage. Most online casinos in Canada focus on the luck factor. However, traditional poker and blackjack give the Best Winning option so far. Try to also set a limit on your spending. This way, you’re able enjoy the best casino experience online.

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Gonzos Megaways: NetEnt meets Red Tiger Gaming 4 Aug 2020, 9:48 am

Canadians have waited a long time for the sequel to Gonzos Quest. NetEnt just confirmed it’s finally in reach. We are talking about one of the most popular NetEnt slot machines. One of the most popular online games is already causing excitement in Canada. Red Tiger Gaming was brought on board for this game. Experts already guess: With this new slot, your winnings can be significantly higher!

You can expect that from Gonzos Quest Megaways

NetEnt Canada & Red Tiger Gaming are two developers who stand for success. With the continuation of Gonzos Quest, you can join the conqueror Gonzo, who embarks on a promising treasure hunt. The graphics are a lot better in Gonzos Quest Megaway. The popular original game was released a couple of years ago. The new slot machine convinces Canadian Gamblers in terms of appearance. Bigger wins and better sound are also something to be prepared for.

But what else is new? What makes the sequel so unique? Megaways slots are known for large payouts and Red Tiger Gaming is also known for good jackpot slot machines. The Megaways version comes with six reels. The sequel has been designed with a lot of pay lines, which is remarkable.

The slot’s RTP value is around 96%, which is standard and therefore perfectly fine. The volatility is classified as high. You may have to wait a little longer for your winnings, but statistically speaking, the winnings are greater.

Lucrative symbols and megaways function

There are a total of eleven symbols in Gonzos Quest Megaways. Five are the so-called premium symbols; four symbols give you rather low payouts. There is also a golden scatter symbol and a wild symbol. And then, of course, there is the Megaways feature that should not go unmentioned: the earthquake function is triggered randomly and destroys low-value symbols. Accordingly, only premium symbols land on your reels, which enables higher payouts.

The avalanche function can also be worthwhile for you. In the base game, the multipliers range from 1x to 5x. The multipliers will then be even higher in the bonus round. The Free Fall feature is also included. Anything else would have disappointed fans of the previous version. This feature lets you start with nine free spins. But you can get more. A gamble function and a “royal wheel” are also included.

Play Gonzos Quest Megaways in selected casinos

Will you also succumb to the charm of the promising sequel? Are you ready to go on your treasure hunt? Do you want to join the conqueror? Play Gonzos Quest Megaways in the best online casinos like LeoVegas and Royal Panda. Carefully selected to make your experience with Gonzos Quest an enjoyable one.

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Top 5 Online Casinos for Canada 18 Dec 2019, 7:07 pm

Listings with the best items are super hot on the internet. For that reason, we created listings of our own. We gather the Best Online Casinos in Canada at this moment. Our team ranked the casinos on innovation, diversity, support and promotions.

  • Innovation: What distinguished the online casino from others? Does the casino have a unique concept?
  • Diversity: What is the size of the game selection? How diverse is the game selection? Keeps the operator adding new games and features?
  • Support: Does the operator offer good support? Does the casino provide fast and easy payouts?
  • Promotions: How is the welcome bonus constructed? Which extra promotions does the casino offer?

1. Rizk Casino


We start our listings with Rizk Casino. The casino established in 2016. The website has a cool and flashy design. The design cooperates with their vision. To provide an innovative, smooth, fair and immersive online casino experience. MT SecureTrade Limited is the team behind Rizk Casino. This company operates some of the best online casinos around the globe.

Regarding diversity and innovation, the casino has an immense game selection. The selection consists of the best games in the industry from various providers. Next to that, you can spin yourself a fortune with the wheel of Rizk.

2. Gunsbet Casino


The runner up of our top 5 online casinos is Gunsbet Casino. The casino established one year after Rizk opened his doors. We proudly place the platform second because of innovation and appearance. The casino allows members to become a character in a Western atmosphere. Upon registering, you are free to choose a figure.

Besides the design, the casino offers more than 1000 games. All the games comply with the reward program. Also, the support staff and managers are worth mentioning. They provide fast and friendly service. Hurry up, go check out this rising star in the industry.

3. Wishmaker Casino


Without a doubt, Wishmaker Casino deserves five stars on innovation. The casino owns the most innovative reward program of all casinos. The platform offers the possibility to make your wishes come true. Unique wishes that can’t be bought with money. Hence, the name Wishmaker Casino.

The platform also performed well in promotions and support. The casino monthly updates their website with new promotions. In terms of support, the casino is one of the most reliable operators available. With this option, are you always comfortable.

4. Casumo Casino


An online casino with 7 EGR awards can’t be left out of our listings. Of course, we are talking about Casumo casino. Since the establishment in 2012, the casino has always been amongst the best performers. The casino is well-known as a mobile operator. The website and its games work seamlessly on mobile devices.

Besides the perfect scores, the platform also pays a lot of attention to responsible gambling. Addiction is a growing problem amongst gamblers. However, at Casumo casino, you don’t have to worry. Experience the joy of playing in this honest and friendly casino environment.

4. MrPlay Casino


The end of the list is one of our personal favourites. MrPlay is a modern designed online casino with a huge collection of games. There are games available from various providers such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Betsoft. Registering on the platform is fast and easy. Your account is ready for use within seconds.

The casino also offers several interesting promotions, including the welcome bonus of 100 free spins. Besides, the operator is always actively creating new features to satisfy its members. Just recently, MrPlay expanded its platform with sports betting.

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Are online casinos safe? 8 Dec 2019, 7:35 pm

Are online casinos safe? The answer is yes. However, not all online casinos are safe. Like many other services that involve money, hackers try to take advantage of customers. Therefore, it’s important to stay away from fake casinos. And don’t get deceived by scammers.

The iGaming industry has a long history. The first online casinos started around the 90s. With the rise of the internet, online casinos also become very popular. Nowadays, the biggest worries of gamblers are safety and security. Think about topics such as payments, random number generation software or personal information.

In this article, we explain these topics in detail. Furthermore, we provide tips to guarantee your safety and security. At last, we suggest the best online casinos that cover these topics with 100% safety.

Let’s start with safety in general. The first sign to watch out for is encryption. SSL-encryption is a modern technology used to protect data sent over the internet. The host must install the encryption on its server. In other words, the operator of the casino must apply SSL-encryption to ensure a safe connection. Search for the lock icon in the address bar to check whether the casino applies the technology. And stay away from casinos that don’t apply the encryption.

Random number generation (RNG) software calculates the outcome of casino games. The software runs an algorithm based on a start value. The outcome of the algorithm is the new start value for the next cycle. The cycle keeps repeating over and over again. For this reason, people claim they can predict the jackpot. However, If you have some knowledge of RNG, you know this is impossible.

Still, there is rigged software on the market which serves in favour of the casino. Prevent yourself from scammy software with this simple tip. Only play at online casinos with certifications from eCOGRa. This organization regulates the fairness of gambling software and systems. Most of the time, online casinos who offer certified games have a seal of approval on their website.

Now the part which gives the most headaches, withdrawals. A complaint about withdrawal is the most common complaint in the industry. The operators try to bypass withdrawals as much as possible. On the other hand, customers try to claim the most of their winnings. However, both parties have to deal with terms and conditions. Therefore, we advise reading the terms and conditions before getting involved with a casino.

Another way to avoid trouble around withdrawals is by researching online casinos. Read reviews of other customers or check out multiple sources that provide information about the platform. As a result, you filter the good online casinos from the lesser ones.

To conclude, most online casinos are safe. However, there is a small probability you might encounter a rigged casino. That’s why our team advises doing your own research before registering. Moreover, before depositing money into your account. Therefore, you are always accountable for your actions.

At last, Stashbird offers the best selection of online casinos. The selection is available in the sidebar on the right. And remember a safe environment is the first step to the best gambling experience.

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The Best Fortnite Esports Betting Tips 3 Dec 2019, 11:00 am

Fortnite Battle Royale has become one of the most popular videogames of this time. The game is challenging, competitive and fun. Furthermore, the game allows for cross-platform gaming. At one moment the game had 8.3 million active players playing at once. That’s the total population of New York City playing Fortnite.

This popularity has not gone unnoticed by esport bookmakers. The best bookmakers such as Pinnacle Sports or Betway Sports instantly jumped to the gun. Starting to provide betting options on Fortnite games. And with success, betting on Fortnite is extremely popular. Moreover, when done right, it can be very lucrative.

For that reason, our team created this article consisting of the best Fortnite esports betting tips. So take them in fast and become a pro in online betting.

Tip 1: Do your own research

The first tip doesn’t have much in common with Fortnite. However, the tip applies to all forms of online gambling. So the golden rule in becoming a successful gambler: Do your own research!

Before you start betting, you must research the match or game. For instance, which players are participating? Or which teams are competing? Then look into statistics of individual players or teams. Look for winning streaks, previous placements and tournament history.

After a while, distinguish the best players and teams from the lesser ones. These players and teams are your favourite picks. Now you start making up your bet slip. Begin with the easy matchups. The odds are probably low. However, the base of your bet slip is important.

To increase your odds, start adding handicaps. But, only apply this option on your absolute favourites. At last, always make up your own strategy. And never follow advice blindly from friends or the internet.

Tip 2: Get familiar with the best players

To get back to the previous paragraph, get familiar with the best players of the tournament. Fortnite matches are usually played during tournaments. Before the tournament start, you want to have at least a top 3 of players. During the tournament, keep an eye on underdogs who perform well. The odds of these underdogs can be very lucrative.

Also, learn which statistics characterize a player. You can use this information to your advantage by betting on props. Proposition betting is a wager based on events during the match. For instance, the player that gets the first kill. Or which player gets the most kills at the end of the match?

Tip 3: Analyze results

Start analyzing the results of your previous bets. Analyzing sounds pretty boring. However, the ability to learn from your mistakes is very helpful. Or even better write down what choices you made for each bet slip. Use an Excel sheet to easily organize your bet slips and comments.
This helps to analyze your decisions for each bet. In the end, you will learn from your mistakes, become a better bookie and earn more money.

You might think why would this be helpful. The answer is quite simple. In some cases, you discover that you lost one particular match. So next time you make your bet slip, why don’t you make two? Two almost identical bet slips where you only change the particular match. You can apply this strategy for more matchups and bet slips. Therefore, you can evenly spread your chances over multiple bets.

Do your own research, get familiar and analyze results. If you consistently apply these tips on Fortnite Esports betting. We are certain that you start to earn money. Apart from our tips, we advise betting at certified Esports bookmakers. Luckily, we also provided our Best Bookmakers.

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The Definitive Guide to Esports Betting in 2020 10 Nov 2019, 8:03 pm

Is Esport a sport? We heard people ask this question many times. The answer is quite simple. Yes!

The dictionary defines sport as an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess. However, Electronic sport is similar to racing. Both sports don’t require a lot of physical activity to practice the sport. Nonetheless, they still count as a sport due to skill. These sports require skills such as reflexes, focus. And not to forget the competitive element.

In the last couple of years, Esports has become insanely popular. Revenue and views have seen tremendous growth. Only the revenue already grew by 38.2% to 906 million dollars in 2019.

The gambling industry also noticed this growth. So bookmakers such as Betwin began offering esports betting. The same concept as sports betting the only difference is videogames. The matches are not between two soccer clubs but between two gaming teams.

Because of the popularity, we created an in-depth guide about Esports. In this definitive guide, we outline relevant topics about electronic sports.

Reading guidelines:

  • How does Esports work?
  • Best bookmakers for Esports betting
  • What is the most popular Esport?
  • How to become a pro gamer?

How does Esports work?

Like any other sport, Esports requires at least two players or teams who compete against each other. The matches are mostly part of a knockout tournament. Whether a player or team wins the match depends on the game.

Each game has an official set of rules and guidelines. That also means a referee or committee is directing every game. And players get penalized or disqualified once they don’t by these rules.

Esports betting tutorial

For people who have experience with sports betting, you can skip this part. Because Esports betting is similar to sports betting. However, there is a small catch. Esports betting is far more unpredictable than traditional sports betting. So, do your own research before betting!

The first step is understanding all the available options. Like sports betting, there are multiple options to increase your total odds.

  • Moneylines: Moneyline is the most simple type of betting. Like any other sport, you only choose the team that wins the match regardless of the score or kills.
  • Handicap lines: Handicap is a bit more advanced. For example, there is a heavy favourite in a match-up. The odds for that team are probably very low. In this case, you can choose a handicap bet. With the handicap, you predict the team needs to win with an overhead.
  • Totals: There is also an option to bet on statistics of the match such as total kills, points or deaths.
  • Proposition bets: The last option is proposition bets. These specials bets go about crazy parts of the game or match. For instance, how many kills a certain player gets? Or who gets the first blood?

Best bookmakers on Esports betting

By now, you probably noticed electronic sports are awesome. And you are interested in your favourite games. Lucky for you, our team provided a listing of the top 5 bookmakers on Esports betting.

  1. Betway Sports is more than just a bookmaker. Since 2006, the operator has always been at the forefront of gambling. This multi-diverse platform provides everything gamblers need. For example, they offer an online casino, esports betting, live casino, and many more. Members can use a single account to access all the different games
  2. GG.BET is the best bookmaker for Esports. This company originally started in 2016. Since then, the operator worked really hard to establish a notable Esports bookmaker. And with success, GG.BET is a multi-diverse betting platform providing matches for 129 games. The operator well earned our first spot in this top 5 bookmakers.
  3. Pinnacle Sports is the grandfather of bookmaker sites. The website is formerly known as Pinnacle Sports, founded in 1998 and provides everything you need when it comes to online betting. Pinnacle deserves our number one spot on Esports bookmakers. Not only for the age and experience, but the platform also provides the best betting experiences.
  4. Bet365 is indisputable in the betting industry. The gaming operator started in 2000. And because of its long history, Bet365 is the biggest bookmaker in the world. Although, the operator is not entirely focussed on Esports. The platform still deserves a spot in our listing.
  5. is not a copy cat of GGBet. The gaming operator has a longer history than number two. The online platform established in 2015, providing from betting games to casino games. The major focus of is to target Esports betting. And since the extra payment options such as cryptocurrency, the operator have become more popular.
Betway Esports BannerBetway Sports Banner

What is the most popular Esport?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The most popular Esport is Fortnite. Fortnite is a third-person shooter developed by Epic Games, a battle royale and has the highest counts of players online at the same time. An astonishing amount of 200 million.

The objective of the game? Players or teams need to defeat each other until they are the last men standing. It sounds pretty simple. However, the competition is killing. No wonder with Fornite providing one of the biggest prize pools in e-sport history. The prize pool consists of a total of $30 million. The solo champion alone takes $3 of this incredible prize pool.

Besides Fortnite, the esport industry organizes more game tournaments with big prize pools. For instance, League of Legends or Dota 2. Two entirely different games than Fortnite. These games are called MOBA’s which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. On the contrary to Fortnite, players to need to destroy an end-objective to win the game.

How to become a pro gamer?

As has been stated in the previous chapter, the prize pools for e-sport tournaments are pretty immense. Also, the industry experiences rapid growth in popularity and volume. As a result, these prize pools will only get bigger and bigger.

So who doesn’t want to make a living from playing videogames? And get a chunk of the prize pool. A dream that suddenly comes very close to reality. But what does it take to become a professional gamer?

Apart from a good set-up, first pick the desired game. After you choose a game, learn everything about the game by playing, observing, watching and reading. Also, join a community and get in touch with experienced or skilled players.

Besides the day to day practice and motivation, you need to step up your game at a certain moment. Depending on the game, join or assemble a team. And start competing in local tournaments. This way, you can match your skills with other teams or players.

In the end, whether you become a pro gamer or not depends on your skills, motivation and dedication. One thing is sure, don’t expect to become pro by just playing games.

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The Ultimate Guide to Live Casino in 2020 20 Aug 2019, 7:56 pm

Reading guide:

  1. The beginning
  2. What is live casino?
  3. How does live casino work?
  4. The downsides
  5. Popular games
  6. The future
  7. Conclusion

The beginning

Online casinos already exist for more than 20 years. In fact, the first online casino established in 1996. In the beginning, they weren’t so popular as today. On the contrary, it took quite some time before online gambling rose up. Furthermore, the mysterious world of online gambling never sleeps. Because of the hard competition, the gambling industry has become very innovative.

So talented developers asked themselves a question. Why do gamblers prefer land-based casinos instead of online casinos? The answer is quite simple. Players want the same experience as in land-based casinos.

From that day on, software developers started creating live casino software. One of the first providers of this software is Evolution Gaming. The company put all its efforts into revolutionizing the live industry. And with success, the software developer is well-known for its high-quality live games.

On top of that, Evolution Gaming has won multiple rewards such as “Live Casino Software Supplier Of The Year” at the EGR Awards. So when you find yourself in a position where you need to choose between live software providers, we encourage you to choose Evolution Gaming. For example, Rizk Casino only works with the live games of Evolution Gaming.

Live Casino

What is live casino?

Live casino is a new way to play conventional games without leaving your home. Live gambling combines the best features of real gambling and online gambling. This new form of gambling has become extremely popular.

Where land-based casinos can’t keep up with all the innovations in the gambling industry. Live casino, on the other hand, implements all new features and games with ease. As a result, players who prefer to play live casinos have access to exclusive games.

How does live casino work?

The concept is quite simple. A live dealer plays your desired game in front of a camera. The software calculates the outcome of the game and credits your account. For example, live roulette, one of the most popular live games on the market. First, the system counts down till the next round. During this time, players place their bets. Then the live dealer spins the roulette in front of the camera. The ball drops on a number and the system calculate the outcomes for each player. Easy right?

Well, each live game works with a similar system. It basically comes down to the following steps:

  • The player interacts with the system.
  • The live dealer plays the game.
  • The system calculates the outcome.
  • You win or lose!
  • Repeat the cycle.

During the game, players can also chat with the dealer. Each game comes with a live chat feature. The dealer only provides answers to relevant questions. For instance, questions about the rules of the game.

The downsides

Besides all the advantages, live casino also has some downsides. These factors are of great importance once you consider playing live casinos.

First, if you want to play live games without care, you need a proper internet connection. In fact, without an internet connection can’t even browse online casinos.

For instance, providers developed live software that streams live games in high video quality. Without a good internet connection, the software will broadcast low video resolution, such as 360p. Or even worse, you will disconnect from the casino. Just take care of your internet. So you get the best live casino experience.

Secondly, the gambling speed. The gambling speed is much lower in comparison to conventional games. Because live games require interaction between you and the live dealer. So if you prefer rounds at a faster pace, don’t choose a live casino.

Popular games

The most popular live games are live blackjack and live roulette. We provided a detailed explanation of these games below:

  1. Live roulette is a very simple game. The game aims to determine the correct outcome of the ball in the wheel. You do this by placing a bet on one of the many betting options on the table. If your bet matches the outcome, you win x times the amount bet; depending on which betting option you used.
  2. Live blackjack is also a pretty simple game. The goal is to get as close as possible to 21, or even better get 21. The rules are straightforward. You lose if you go higher than 21 or you lose when the dealer ends higher than you. Blackjack has always been a very popular game. But, with the rose of online casinos, the game becomes even more popular.

The future

10 years ago, live casino was not more than a camera and a live dealer.

However, live gambling is a completely different story now. Not only increased the number of live games to 21. The games itself have become amazing shows. One thing is sure the future of live casinos is very bright. But what’s next?

Virtual reality is a technology that lets you experience a different reality. For that reality, you have to put on special glasses. These glasses project a fictive vision in front of your eyes. This technology brings a new dimension to gaming, including live gambling. An experience where gamblers can become personages in fictive worlds. For example, playing poker as Superman on the moon. With Virtual Reality, there are no limits.

Apart from Virtual Reality, live gamblers can expect more games, better quality and more interaction during the next years.


The days were online casinos can’t compete with land-based casinos are over. Due to the rapid development of new technologies, players can experience quality gambling without leaving their homes. Live casino is one of these technologies and an essential part of online casinos. However, the quality comes with a price. Live casino requires a good internet connection. Otherwise, you can’t get the best experience.

With a good connection and some investments, you can take live gambling to another level. The gambling industry developed casino games in Virtual Reality, allowing players to play games in fictive worlds.

VR is just the beginning of the future of gambling. In the future, we can expect better quality and more games.

Excited to play live games yourself? We provided the best online casinos who provide live casino features. Pick your favourite and collect your welcome bonus!

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Why is responsible gambling important? 18 Aug 2019, 8:08 pm

Canadian Online Casinos can be extremely fun, but it can also become your worst nightmare. The thrill of excitement is the element that makes gambling attractive and similarly addictive. Therefore you must know the importance of responsible gambling, but what is responsible for gambling? It is gambling for fun and excitement while you are aware of the risks. Even more that you are aware of the probability of losing money.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best online casino experience. To achieve this experience we wrote a guide for responsible gambling. Learn more about responsible gambling with these quick tips. And make sure you do not lose control over yourself and online gambling.

Tip 1: Do not try to beat the game

Do not expect to beat the game nor the casino. Online casinos could not exist without making a profit. The odds are always in favour of the casino. Therefore, it is impossible to beat online casinos. When you try to beat a casino, it will only result in you losing money. Once you are on the losing side we strongly advise you to leave the game. Go try your luck another time or somewhere else.

Tip 2: Control your bankroll

You must manage your bankroll. First, you must prioritize how much money you can afford to lose. Second, you can deposit to your preferred online casino. Some online casinos provide controls for deposit limits, so you can set limits to your gambling expenses. Finally, once you win a prize do not forget to withdraw your profit.

Tip 3: Learn to stop

Keep your head clear, especially when you are losing money. Do not expect to win twice as much if you keep playing. Just stop the game and leave the casino. When you do not stop it will most likely result in more losses. Hitting a jackpot is only reserved for a few lucky people. Therefore you must never expect to will happen on your account.

Tip 4: Take your losses

You must accept your losses. Losing money is not funny. But do not feel beat up about it. Losing money is part of online gambling. After you lost a lot of money you will generally get emotional. Gambling, while you are emotional, is a stupid thing to do. Take your losses and just stop for now.

Tip 5: Seek help

Whenever you feel that your gambling activities become irresponsible to make sure you seek for help. Especially when you are sensitive to addiction. Online gambling can become a serious addiction with disastrous consequences. Rather than feeling ashamed, you must try to talk about your gambling addiction. BeGambleAware is a free organization that is there for you when you have a gambling problem.

Ready to gamble responsibly?

We strongly advise you to gamble with these tips in mind. It will make sure that you gamble with more responsibility. Our team researched the best online casinos that emphasize the importance of responsible gambling. Check the most popular online casinos in the side bar.

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Is online gambling safe? 15 Aug 2019, 3:10 pm

First of all, online gambling is safe. However, there is a downside to online gambling. Because of the popularity of online casinos, it is quite common for scammers to try, and take advantage of players. The result of this is rigged casinos. A rigged-casino tries to trick you into depositing money to fake accounts. Unfortunately, it is possible that these rigged casinos can be listed amongst the trustworthy ones. Therefore we wrote this guide for you to safely pick your online casino. Follow these five steps to protect yourself from rigged casinos.

Tip 1: Check whether the online casino has a license or registration

Always check if an online casino is registered at verified organizations such as Malta Gambling Authority or UK Gambling Commission. These organizations regulate gambling and gaming laws. First, these parties are in charge of handing out new licenses. Furthermore, they monitor registered casinos to detect any misbehaviour. Lastly, they revoke licenses from casinos who misbehave. Always make sure to check whether the casino has a license to make sure you play at safe casinos.

Tip 2: Read the terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions before you register at an online casino. A casino must suit your preferences. This includes the terms and conditions. As of May 2018, there is a new regulation for data protection. This regulation allows for more control of your data. Watch out for casinos who do not act by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Tip 3: Check the deposit and withdrawal options

A healthy online casino should offer multiple trusted deposit options. An online casino with relatively few deposit options could be considered a risk. If you want to sure check which providers the casino offers. Well known providers like Neteller, PayPal and Visa are usually a good sign. The withdrawal options are also important to research. Every casino is obligated to describe how to make a request for withdrawal and how long does it take to process your request? Furthermore, be sure to check what options the online casino offers to withdraw your money.

Tip 4: Find information about the online casino on the internet

Once you find an attractive casino that suits your preferences. Check online for reviews. The internet offers a lot of information about online casinos. Besides StashBird many sites offer information about the casino you found. Therefore, it is important to check the trustworthiness of the source. Be sure to note that a single negative review is inconclusive. We recommend that you do not play at an online casino if you find numerous complaints about the casino.

Tip 5: Only play at online casinos through us

StashBird only offers legitimate online casinos. Our team thoroughly checks every casino on our website for any flaws and we guarantee that you always play at legitimate casinos through us. Check the side for popular online casinos with the high scores on safety!

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