Overseed Values

  • We love New England and want to see New England communities reached for Christ.
  • Desire for historic NE churches to flourish and be reaching out to their communities with the gospel and service.
  • For revitalization churches to be encouraged to rediscover and celebrate their history and tradition, and to honor their denomination.
  • To recruit and develop replant pastor coaches, who are intentional, practical and gospel centric.
  • To develop revitalization pastors who love and value the existing congregation, while being a catalyst for renewal.
  • To recruit and develop Hub pastors that want to humbly love and sacrificially serve the revitalization churches, with a “Kingdom Building” mentality not a ‘Empire Building” mentality.
  • To offer our services without cost to struggling churches
  • A desire to partner with education institutions in the training of revitalization pastors
  • A desire to serve historic denominations in helping to revitalize historic churches